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Dr. Suzanne Remedies, USAF (Ret.)

Dr. Suzanne Remedies retired from the United States Air Force serving as an education and training manager, as well as a professional military education instructor.  She is married to CMSgt (Ret) Kevin Remedies who serves as the Tyndall AFB Fire Chief.  They have three sons, James, Colton and Tyler. Dr. Remedies possesses over 19 years of teaching experience in both on-ground and online settings.  She has extensive experience with the ISD Process, curriculum and lesson plan development, test data analysis, and instructional design.  She has served as Commandant of the Erwin Airman Leadership School in Okinawa Japan, Superintendent of the Airey NCO Academy Leadership Division, as well as Instructor at the Kisling NCO Academy, Germany.   

Currently Dr. Remedies serves as Director of Military and Veteran Services with Gulf Coast State College.  She also teaches with Embry-Riddle University, Colorado State University, Southern Illinois University, and Gulf Coast State College.

Dr. Remedies earned a PhD in Organizational Management with Capella University.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Relations with the University of Oklahoma as well as a Bachelor of Science degree with Southern Illinois.  Certifications include a Post Master’s Degree in Education, Occupational Instructor Certificate, Principles of Instruction and Instructional Systems Design.