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Scholarship Endowments

A scholarship can change the life of an individual and, in doing so, it can change the life of a family. As a donor, you can help provide scholarship support by creating a scholarship endowment or scholarship fund.

Foundation members and students in a room.An endowment stays with the Foundation in perpetuity because the principal stays intact. Only the earnings created by the principal can be spent. A fund is different because the principal donation can be used in its entirety, thus making a fund totally expendable.

The minimum amount to endow a scholarship is $20,000. For scholarship funds, there are no minimums contributions.  The Foundation would prefer a lump sum payment in all situations; however, only endowments offer a pledge program with a maximum period of three (3) years.

An individual or organization may contribute directly to an endowment or fund at anytime. For example, another endowed scholarship can be created when the principal increases by $20,000.

Endowments and funds do require written agreements. This is ensure that the donor’s intent is carried out fully in years to come. All agreements are signed by the Donor, the Foundation President, and the Foundation’s Executive Director.

Administration fees are charged to endowments but not to funds. Endowments may be charged up to 2% of the endowment’s balance on an annual basis to help cover the cost of administration.

For more information on how you can set up a scholarship endowment or fund, please contact Margie Mazur, Executive Director at (850) 872-3812 / [email protected] or Lori Eldridge, Donor Relations Coordinator (850) 769-1551 x-6010 / [email protected].

FAQ Scholarship Set Up and Administration

How is the annual award amount determined?   Each year the Foundation’s Board of Directors selects an award amount that will be given to each scholarship recipient.

When setting up an endowed scholarship, what are some of the options available to the Donor?

1. Selection Process:  All of the Foundation scholarships have a selection criteria based on three (3) choices:

Committee Select – the Donor requests that the GCSC scholarship scoring committee select a deserving student.

Donor Select – The Donor will select the deserving student.

Faculty Select – The Donor requests that a GCSC faculty designee select a deserving student.

2. Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA): A Donor may want to select a deserving student who has a particular GPA (i.e. 3.5 or higher, 2.5 or higher). Currently all applicants and recipients must have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

3. Required Residency: A Donor may select a recipient who lives in a particular area (i.e. Panama City, Lynn Haven, Port St. Joe, Bay County, Gulf County or no restrictions).

4. Major Preferences: A Donor may select a deserving student who is specializing in a particular area of study (i.e. Accounting, Engineering, Nursing or Fire Science).

5. High School: A Donor may select a recipient who is a graduate of a particular high school (i.e. Bay High, Franklin County, Port St. Joe, or A. Crawford Mosley).

6. Other Requirements:  A Donor may add any other requirements to further enhance the scholarship (i.e. sophomores only, club or organization affiliations, single parents, military families, or employer/employee affiliations).

Endowed Scholarships

40 & 8 Voiture 1606 / Amy Hunt Endowed Scholarship

A. D. Harris Memorial Scholarship

A. L. Hudgins Jr. Family Foundation Scholarship

Aaron Z. Bessant Memorial Optimist Scholarship

Adron E. Coatney Memorial Scholarship

A. F Sonny and Ann Myers Entrepreneur Endowed Scholarship

Alfred I. duPont Foundation Culinary Endowed Scholarships

Alfred I. duPont Foundation GCSC Gulf Franklin Counties College and High  School Preparatory Mentoring Endowed Scholarship

Alfred I. duPont Foundation – Gulf Campus Scholarship

Alfred I. duPont Foundation / Gulf County Scholarship

Alfred I. duPont Foundation Health Sciences Endowed Scholarship

Alfred I. duPont Foundation High School Honors Endowment Scholarship

Alfred I. duPont Foundation Scholarship

Alice Cramer Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Alonzo Lee Hudgins Jr./Pepsi Cola Scholarship

Amelia G. Tapper Visual and Performing Arts Memorial Scholarship

AMVETS Post 2298/Jim Harris/Jerry Hoff Memorial Scholarship

Anne McCullen Memorial Scholarship

Ara Lee Mashburn Memorial Scholarship

B. Roy Gibson Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Bay Bank and Trust Company Scholarship

Bay County Association of Realtors Endowed Scholarship

Bay County Domestic Violence Task Force Endowed Scholarship

Bay County Teen Court Scholarship

Bay Medical Center / Brenda Martin Nursing Scholarship

Bay Medical Center / Jane P. Adams Scholarship

Bay Medical Center and Dr. Ted Wilson Scholarship

Bay Medical Center Foundation Scholarship

Bay Medical Society Auxiliary Scholarship

Bay Radiology Associates Scholarship

Beatrice N. Eley Memorial Nursing Scholarship

BellSouth Employees Scholarship

Berg Steel Pipe Corporation Endowed Scholarship

Berg Steel Pipe Corporation/Siegfried Siggy Koehle Memorial Scholarship

Bertha Drake Whittington Memorial Scholarship

Betty Wood McNabb Aviation Scholarship

Betty Wood McNabb Scholarship

Bill and Carolyn Cramer Scholarship

Bill and Carolyn Cramer/50th Anniversary Scholarship

Bill Cook Memorial Scholarship

Blanche McReynolds Memorial Scholarship

Brendan and Cindy Murphy Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Brent Stewart Endowed Scholarship

Calvin and Louella Washington Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Cande and Sean McNeil Scholarship

Captain Michael T Skoriak  PCB FD Memorial Scholarship

Cardiology Associates P.A. Scholarship

Cassy Z. Scribner Scholarship

Catherine I. Crawford Memorial Scholarship

Cathy Baldwin-Haggerty Scholarship

Cecil G. and Lola Costin Memorial Scholarship

Charles Abbott Law Enforcement Scholarship

Charles and Betty Cleckley Scholarship

Charles Bond Memorial Scholarship

Charles F. Riggs Memorial Scholarship

Charles H. Fischer Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Charles L. and Genevieve C. Vickery Foundation Scholarship

Charles Pearce and Ava Marie Pelham Memorial Scholarship

Charles Pearce and Ava Marie Pelham Memorial Scholarship (Part-Time)

Charles R. Bond Scholarship

Charles Whitehead/50th Anniversary Scholarship

Charlie Clary Endowed Scholarship

Chase Gilligan, Madison Hair and Kyle Livingston Panama City Northside Rotary Club

Chris Barnhart Optimist Memorial Scholarship

Claude E. Shell Sr. Scholarship

Coach Roonie Schovel Womens Basketball Endowed Scholarship

Community Services Foundation of Bay County Scholarship

Coralie Smith Memorial Scholarship

Coralie Smith Memorial Scholarship (Part-Time)

Dan Smith Scholarship

Daniel S. Minkey Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Monroe and Alice Flora Williams Memorial Endowed Scholarships

Danielle Cazenave Memorial Scholarship

David B. Hurst DMD MD Nursing Scholarship

Dee Mary and Ross Hinton Memorial Scholarship

Dempsey J. and Luverne H. Barron Scholarship

Dennis C. Rich Optimist Scholarship

Dental Society of Bay County Scholarship

Donna Fenn Lindner Scholarship

Douglas and Honorine Brown Scholarship

Dr. Robert L. McSpadden Scholarship

Dr. Robert L. McSpadden 2015 Dream Makers Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Morley Incentive Award Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Voorhis III Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Ted Wilson Scholarship

Dr. Curtis Williams Scholarship

Dr. Sue Cochran / Cedar Grove Elementary School Scholarship

Drs. Mutaz and Amal Tabbaa Scholarship

Drs. Rao and Reddy Scholarship

Durden Foundation Scholarship

E.A. Gardner Memorial Scholarship

Earl and Karen Durden/50th Anniversary Scholarship

Earl and Karen Durden Athletic Endowed Scholarship

Earl Cochran Scholarship

Earl E. Bailey Scholarship

Earl Hutto Foundation Scholarship

Earle R. Thompson Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Elbert and Gwynneth Dukate Memorial Scholarship

Ellis Fowhand Endowed Scholarship

Eloise Minton Endowed Scholarship

Emerald Coast Bank/The Gents Inc. Scholarship

Emily Cheyne Burnett Butler Scholarship

Employee Mutual Benefit Association of Stone Container Scholarship

Ernest W. Dehm Lt. Col. USAF (Ret) Memorial Scholarship

Ernestine K. Seay Memorial Scholarship

Estelle Harris Griffin Memorial Scholarship

Ethics in Business Scholarship

Eugene A. Roberts and Jack Bridges Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Euna Martin Norton and Harry Thomas Norton, Jr. Scholarship

Eva C. Walker Memorial Scholarship

Ferne McCoy-Brent Memorial Future Teachers Scholarship

Fern Arnold Memorial Scholarship

Florence Baker Wood Memorial Art Scholarship

Flowree Mayo-Linder Memorial Scholarship

Foundation Drug Court Scholarship

Frank Pericola / News Herald Memorial Scholarship

Frank Powell Memorial Scholarship

Franklin County School Scholarship

Fredericka B. Benton Memorial Endowed PCMA Scholarship

G.W. and Nellie Hobbs Memorial Scholarship

G.A.C. Contractors / Gulf Asphalt Scholarship

Gayfers Teen Board Scholarship

GCSC Alumni Scholarship

GCSC Culinary Management Scholarship

GCSC Employees Scholarship

GCSC Foundation Music Scholarship

GCSC Foundation Student Performance Scholarship

GCSC Foundation Theatre Scholarship

GCSC Foundation Visual Art Scholarship

GCSC Math/Science Scholarship

GCSC Student Activities Board Student Memorial Scholarship

George G. and Amelia G. Tapper FoundationScholarship

George G. Tapper Memorial Scholarship

George W. Belden Memorial Scholarship

Gerald G. Gould Pre-Engineering Scholarship

Greg Golden Memorial Scholarship

Gulf Coast Chief Petty Officers Endowed Scholarship

Gulf Coast Horse Show and Festival Scholarship

Gulf Coast Medical Center – Danny Suero Scholarship

Gulf Coast Medical Center Endowed Scholarship

Gulf Power Foundation Scholarship

Gulf/Franklin Center Full-Time General Donor Scholarship

H.G. Harders Memorial Scholarship

H.G. Harders Scholarship

Hallberg Foundation Scholarship

Hattie Burch Memorial Scholarship

Helen Coryell Crossman Scholarship

Henry G. Swicord Optimist Memorial Scholarship

Hospice of the Emerald Coast Nursing Scholarship

Howard and Virginia Campbell Scholarship

Hubert and Karen Green Scholarship

Huey Virgil Lumley Sr. Scholarship

Hugh A. Nelson Memorial Scholarship

Ingrid Johnson Rachesky MD Scholarship

Irene Thomas Toske Memorial Scholarship

Iva Mae Herring Memorial Scholarship

J. Amos and Hazel M. Howard Scholarship

J. Bernice McSpadden Scholarship

J. E. Churchwell Memorial Scholarship

J. H. Grant Memorial Scholarship

J.R. Dick Arnold Memorial Scholarship

Jack and Mandi Hahn Memorial Scholarship

James D. and Marsha B. Holsombake Scholarship

James Howard Windham Memorial Scholarship

James M. Breedon Memorial Scholarship

James Moss and Julia Wood Cleckley Memorial Scholarship

Jean Locklear Shafer Memorial Scholarship

Jean Owens Scholarship

Jean Rainbow Endowed Scholarship

Jean Stender Swicord Optimist Scholarship

Jeanette Gould Art Scholarship

Jeannette and Joe Chapman Nursing Scholarship

Jeff Berberich Memorial Scholarship

Jerry Bryant Forehand Memorial Scholarship

Jim Oler Memorial Scholarship

Jimmy and Johnny Patronis Scholarship

Jimmy and Susan Wilder Scholarship

Jimmy Mosconis Scholarship

J-M Scholarship

Jon Bullard Memorial Scholarship

John and Lucille Hargrove Scholarship

John Holley Memorial Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, (Panama City Chapter) Scholarship

John F. Moseley Memorial Scholarship

John Wiley and Rowena Eaddy Williams Scholarship

Jonathan Logan Endowed Scholarship

Jose Miguel Dosal/Cook Insurance Agency & Butler Family Scholarship

Joseph and Saundra Cicccarelli Scholarship

Joyce Vause Memorial Scholarship

Judge and Mrs. Thomas R. Ellinor Law  Enforcement Scholarship

Judge J.R. Thompson Memorial Scholarship

Judge W.L. Bailey Memorial Scholarship

Junior Leadership Bay / Lamar Advertising Scholarship

Junior Leadership Bay Scholarship

K. Earl Durden Memorial Advanced Technology Scholarship

K. Earl Durden Scholarship

Karen L. Durden Scholarship

Katelyn McGill Memorial Scholarship

Keith Jordan Scholarship

Kevin C. Miller Memorial Baseball Scholarship

Kirbo Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Kiwanis Club of Panama City Scholarship

Kiwanis Club of Port St. Joe Scholarship

Kiwanis Club of St. Andrew Scholarship

Krewe of St. Andrews Scholarship

L. D. Sunshine Lewis Scholarship

L. E. Tommy and Virginia Thomas Scholarship

L. N. and Nancy Dantzler Art Scholarship

Lake W. Roaden Memorial Scholarship

Larry W. Chatwood Memorial Scholarship

Laura LaVerne Gillum Hudgins Nursing Scholarship

Laurie and Cicero Garner Scholarship

Lawrence W. Tyree Returning Student Scholarship

Leoma Spencer Henderson Memorial Future Nurses Scholarship

Les Spencer Memorial Scholarship

Leslie Rainbow Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Lettie Jeane Sewell Endowed Scholarship

Lions Club of Panama City Scholarship

Lorne and Steve Brumm Scholarship

Louise Dantzler Duncan Memorial Scholarship

Lovelace Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Lula Stephen Breedon Scholarship

Lynn Haven Rotary Club / Suzanne Adams Memorial Scholarship

Lynn Haven Rotary Club Scholarship

M. F. Buddy Kelly Scholarship

Mack and Eleanor Lewis Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Maggie Dykes Breedon Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Lilla Simpson Memorial Scholarship

Margaret Walker Sloan Memorial Music Scholarship

Margie Burnett Gulf Coast State College Scholarship

Margie Burnett Memorial Scholarship

Marisa Joy Williams Memorial Scholarship

Marion G. and Barbara W. Endowed Culinary Scholarship

Mary Ann Haupt Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Mary Frances Hutt Scholarship

Mary Louise Nowlin Scholarship

Mary Suzanne Adams Memorial Scholarship

Matthew Stringer Memorial Scholarship

McDaniel Excellence in Nursing Award

Michael Scott Schwartz Memorial Endowed Scholarship

M-J Scholarship

Monsignor William A. Crowe Scholarship

Morise and Clera Russ Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Chandlee Memorial Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Foster Kruse Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Denecke Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Nelson Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Pilcher Scholarship

Murphy Family Foundation Endowed Technology Scholarship

Nelle B. and Albert E. Choate Scholarship

News Herald Scholarship

Nicholas S. Ciccarelli Scholarship

Nicole Miller Stewart Memorial Scholarship

Noel Russell Bower Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Norman Hair Music Scholarship

Norman P. Gross Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Northside Rotary Club of Panama City Scholarship

Oakland Terrace Mens Club / C. D. Camp Scholarship

Optimist Club of the Beaches Wall of Honor Scholarship

Oscar D. Redd Memorial Scholarship

P.A.C.E. Local 379 Papermakers’ Scholarship

Pam Brookins Scholarship for Nurses

Panama City Artificial Kidney Center Scholarship

Panama City Beaches Chamber Endowed Scholarship

Panama City Junior Service League Scholarship

Panama City Neurology and Neurosurgical Associates, PA Scholarship

Panama City-Bay County Home Builders Association Scholarship

Panhandle Educators Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Panhandle Society of Radiological Technologists Scholarship

Patronis Brothers Foundation Scholarship

Paul Fritz Gould Memorial Scholarship

Patsy Schreit Memorial Endowed Scholarship

PCMI / Col. Norm Gulkis Scholarship

Peg Fleming Memorial Military Spouses Scholarship

Peoples Gas Scholarship

Peter Michael Bardach Memorial Scholarship

Port St. Joe Kiwanis Club Scholarship

Port St. Joe Lions Club Leonard Belin Scholarship

Pulmonary Associates Scholarship

Progress Energy Scholarships

Raleigh Simpson Burroughs Memorial Scholarship

Ralph and Karen Hanes Achievement Scholarship

Ralph and Karen Hanes Scholarship

Randy and Debbie Morris Memorial Scholarship

Raymond R. and Lorraine K. Fleming Scholarship

Region’s Bank Directors’ Memorial Scholarship

Reverend Si and Mrs. Mary Mathison Scholarship

Richard B. “Dick” Stewart Culinary Scholarship

Robert F. Breedon Memorial Scholarship

Robert Kingsley Boyle Memorial Scholarship

Robert Y. Geiger Memorial Scholarship

Robert L. Young D.M.D. Memorial Dental Assisting Scholarship

Rosie O’Bourke Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

Rotary Club of Lynn Haven Endowed Scholarship

Rotary Club of Panama City Scholarship

Roy and Lula Breedon Scholarship

Roy Tweedy Memorial Scholarship

Russell C. Holley and Herbert P. Holley Scholarship

Ruth Pilcher Lark and Kathleen Pilcher Vance Scholarship

Sadie McDaniel Memorial Scholarship

Sallie Mae Scholarship

Sammie E. Garnett Scholarship

Samuel B. Lyons Memorial Scholarship

Samuel L. Westerman Scholarship

Santa Rosa Golf and Beach Club Student Assistance Scholarship

Sara Gaddie Birge Memorial Respiratory Therapy Scholarship

Sara Sulzer Memorial Scholarship

Sean and Cande McNeil Scholarship

Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation Scholarship

Society of American Military Engineers Endowed Scholarship

Southeast Bank Scholarship

St. Andrew Optimist Club Scholarship

St. Joe Community Foundation Scholarship

Stella Barefield Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Dempsey Barron Memorial Scholarship

Steve Urquhart Memorial Scholarship

Surgeons of Bay County Scholarship

Taunton Family Children’s Home EndowedmScholarship

Taylor O’Hare Smith Memorial Scholarship

Terry Kuntze Holdnak Scholarship

The News Herald/Karen and Ralph Hanes/50th Anniversary Scholarship

The Seafood Festival / Maggie Still Scholarship

Thomas B. Ingles Esq. Scholarship

Thomas G. and Donna P. McCoy Optimist Club Scholarship

Thomas W. Stone IV Memorial Scholarship

Tom Etheridge Engineering and Science Scholarship

Tom Needham Photo Journalism Memorial Scholarship

Tommy Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Tyndall FCU Technology Endowed Scholarship

Tyndall FCU Endowed Scholarship

Virginia Scott Thomas Visual and Performing Arts Scholarship

Virginia Thomas ROTC Scholarship

W. R. Billy Tapper Memorial Scholarship

Wallace H. and Dorothy A. Laird Memorial Scholarship

Walter Wilder Scholarship

Wilbur C. Sumner M.D. Scholarship

William C. Cramer Sr. Scholarship

William D (Don) Alexander COL USAF (Ret.) Memorial Scholarship

William Finley Scholarship

William R. Bill Frazier Memorial Scholarship

Williams -Wilson Family Endowed Scholarships

Winston W. Starling Scholarship

Wm. Riley McDaniel Memorial Scholarship

Women’s Civic Club of Panama City Beach Scholarship

Women’s Civic Club of Panama City Beach Culinary Scholarship